Month: October 2018

How Can I Leave My Baby and Go to Work?

After months of total dedication to the baby, that dreaded time comes back to work. And as much as we program and make a thousand plans for this process to be quiet, in the end it never is. The heart is tight and the head full of worries – after all, deciding where or with whom to leave the child is not a simple task, especially if you are on the verge of having to worry about personal loans for bad credit. Be at home with a nanny or grandmother, or in a nursery, you need to consider several aspects. Here are some pros and cons of each option that can help you with this choice.

Comfortably at home

Leaving the baby in the care of an adult (baby sitter, grandmother, etc.) is one of the most chosen options for families. In that case, trust is a basic requirement. It is necessary for the mother to know this person very well and talk a lot before making the decision, so that it really adds up. Having to worry about loans for bad credit for example can be a huge issue.

Those who do not have the help of family members need to choose the nanny calmly and cautiously. In addition, home care does not have as much professionalism or a well-defined routine as in the nursery. Even so, there is a very positive side to this option. Because the environment is already well known to the child, it can be calmer and, of course, safer, since it is not exposed to possible viruses. Not to mention that when we have a grandmother to stay with our son, we are 100% sure of love. And caring family is all good.

Stay calm

Whatever you choose, seek (really) do not feel guilty about staying away from the baby. This is a natural phase for all working moms, and time is getting things right. The way is to find other ways to get in touch with the child develop a new routine and try to participate always. Calling to talk to your child during the day already does a damn good. Weigh the pros and cons of each situation and decide – without pitfalls – what is best for you and your child, even if you are in need of loans for people with bad credit. Learn more.

In the nursery

If you choose to place the baby in a nursery, keep in mind that choosing the location is key. It’s important for parents to visit several places and evaluate them well before they decide. From the point of view of health, the subject divides opinions. Some pediatricians believe that leaving home and living with other children is beneficial. In the first few months, it is common for a baby to get sick when it first comes to the nursery. But today we know that this is a good training for his immune system.

On the other hand, there are physicians who reinforce the importance of keeping the child at home for as long as possible. When she leaves a protected environment, she becomes susceptible to diseases that become an overload on her immune system, and I do not see that as positive. Between pros and cons in health, the nursery brings the benefit of your child being cared for by well-trained professionals, which ensures tranquility for parents that will not have to worry about loans for bad credit.