How your baby says “I love you”

Having a baby and being a parent is one of the most difficult and thankless jobs that we can undertake in this life. With long nights, early mornings and being at a small person’s beck and call 24 hours a day, we all know that the days can seem never-ending. So how do you know if what you are doing is right? Although babies are not able to communicate verbally with us to let us know that we are doing an amazing job and that they love us for it, they do employ other ways of communicating their love to us.


“Learning to use those vocals”

Whilst this is also a form of vocal play for the baby, they will only ever start to coo around people that they feel safe with and people that they trust. By responding to the baby, you will be encouraging them that their noises solicit a response from you and thus encouraging them to do it more. By responding you will also be giving them the tools that they will need later on to be able to vocalize and be able to say “I love you.” Click here!

 Not wanting to be apart from you

“Don’t leave me alone”

This is probably one of the most common signs that your baby loves you. Afterall, there is no bigger “I love you” than crying for your return. This is their way of saying that they need you and that you are the person that they trust the most above all others. At times it may feel frustrating to not be able to do simple things in another room without hearing our baby crying for us and pulling us away from the task at hand. We have to remember is that this will pass and one day they no longer search for us or get upset at our absence. We have to cherish each day that we have with them.

 Smiling at you

“All eyes on you”

It may be very easy to mistake this for gas the first time that it happens, but once it happens more than a few times you will soon realize that your baby is smiling for you and that they are trying to get your attention. There will be times when your baby sees you from afar and when they realize that it is you, they will let the biggest smile form on their face and your heart will melt. If this isn’t one of the most adorable ways to say “I love you” then I don’t know what is.


“I just want to be close to you”

Who hasn’t heard that babies can recognize specific scents? When my daughter was a newborn I remember quite clearly that I let her sleep with one of my shirts beneath her several times, in the hopes of getting just a few more moments sleep. We need to take into account that they have just spent nine months inside of you, listening to the soft beating of your heart and getting used to who you are. So it is only natural that once they are born they search for what they are used to: you. This can come in the form of snuggles and looking to get as close to you as they possibly can. The old myth of a held baby is a spoilt baby can be thrown out now, as it is proven that the more cuddles that a baby receives the better they will react to them and the calmer they will be. So enjoy these cuddles before they learn to walk and start trying to escape from you.


Parenting is one of the hardest jobs that we can take on in this life, and at times we can feel like we are doing everything wrong. This is why it is so important that we learn to recognize when our baby is telling us how much they love us. These little signs from our little ones can be that little motivational push that keeps us going and let’s us know that we are doing things right, and sometimes that is all we need as parents. More details in site: