Reasons Babies Cry and What You Should Do

Babies cry but when a baby cries do you know why and what you should do to stop them from crying? To be honest, whether you are a new parent, grandparent or someone looking after a newborn baby, it can be pretty scary when a baby starts to cry. Sometimes, you think you are doing it all wrong but sometimes it’s far simpler than you think. So, what are the reasons why babies cry and what should you do to help stop the cries? Read on for find few more tips.

They Are Hungry – Feed Them

The first thing you have to check on is whether or not the baby is hungry. In most cases, babies cry because they are hungry and want to be fed, so it’s time to try that! Feeding the child is really important and while most babies have schedules as to when their feeding times are, some won’t always run to schedule. When a baby is hungry, they will let you know and they really should be fed when they are hungry. Trying to keep to a schedule like every three or four hours can be good but sometimes babies get hungry before you think they should be! Feeding can help soothe the crying for hungry children.

Reasons Babies Cry and What You Should Do

They Have a Dirty Diaper – Change Them

Babies do not like to have a dirty diaper on and they will certainly let you know about it. In most cases, you will know when the child has a dirty diaper on and, when they do, it really needs to be changed! Once the baby has been changed, they are more likely going to be happier! Babies feel very uncomfortable with a dirty diaper on and until they get it changed, they are very unlikely to stop crying. This is something you have to think about when you are a new parent; diapers will need to be changed fairly regularly.

They Are Afraid of the Noise – Don’t Shout, Keep a Calm Tone and Atmosphere

Sometimes, it’s a strange noise that frightens the baby and it wants to cry. If a baby feels scared or upset about the atmosphere around them, they will cry. Sometimes, babies need to be picked up and reassured because they are defenseless at the end of the day. The child can’t really do anything for themselves apart from cry and alert a parent to them being so upset. If there has been a lot of commotion around, you have to try and keep the atmosphere calm. Use a nice calm tone with the baby too. It might help ease their crying.

It’s usually a Simple Reason Why Babies Cry

In most cases, there are usually very simple reasons why babies want to cry. When you have looked at the most obvious answers you will often find they help clear up a baby’s cries. Of course, there are many reasons as to why babies cry but the above are more or less the most common reasons why. Hopefully, when your baby cries, you will know how best tackle the situation. For more information read here